Guide to Joyful Living

31-Day Challenge
The Beginner's Guide to Joyful Living

"Our days and nights are not measured by how much we do but how much we see and hear. We are most alive when we open ourselves to small things and small moments." 
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If you're stressed or out-of-sorts, help is on the way. Learn how nature can rewire your brain.

"Show me a life that has hydrangeas and tulips, and I'll show you a life that has joy, even if it's fleeting--or should I say especially because it's fleeting. Few people are complacent in the presence of tulips."

Gilding the Store-Bought Bird House
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Walk on the wild side (even in the city).
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Start your day with a 60 Second Joy Lesson.


  1. Hello, Michael Lee, What a fabulous blog!! I love everything I have seen thus far. I found you through a Google search of wall paint colors for rooms with white trim - LOL! I love the White Linen photo. Interestingly, you and I have many things in common. I, too, am a novelist. I write historical suspense and women's historical fiction set in the South or about Southerners traveling far from home. I am a native Georgian who loves Appalachia and Southern food, as well. I collect cookbooks of traditional Southern foods and recipes. I have subscribed to your blog and I am looking forward to more great posts. If you are interested, you can learn more about me at my website and my blog Hoping you and yours have a wonderful 2017! Sincerely, Linda Bennett Pennell

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Linda, and for your kind words. We have a lot in common! Wishing you a splendid 2017!